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Who is eligible to participate in MVA?

Where can I post suggestions or feedback?

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How can I find courses?

How do I request a new course?

In what order should I take the course modules?

How do I complete a course?

How many attempts do I get to pass a self-assessment?

What happens if the course that I'm taking is retired?

If a course I’ve completed gets updated, does that affect my recorded progress?

What are the course levels associated with each course?

How do I download a Certificate of Completion?

What is My Learning Plan?

Your profile:

I want to change the email account I use with MVA.

Can I merge the progress from two different Microsoft accounts I use to sign into MVA?

How do I delete my MVA profile?

Can I move my existing progress to a new Microsoft account?

Progress and points:

What happened to MVA points?

What about the points I already earned?

Are there still levels of MVA membership?

What happened to leaderboards?

Recertifying on MVA:

How do I recertify on MVA?

Support Community:

Where can I find someone who can answer my question?

My question isn’t about using the Microsoft Virtual Academy site. Where could I ask questions about the topic of the course I am taking?