Troubleshooting issues with courses:

I’m having problems registering for a live event. What should I do?

Why is a course retired and no longer available?

Why is my course not marked complete even though I have finished it?

How do I know I have passed an assessment?

A course I’ve taken indicates that it’s 100% complete, but it’s still listed on my transcript as “In Progress.”

Troubleshooting technical problems:

How do I report a problem with MVA?

I can’t sign in to MVA.

A link is broken in a course.

The video is not playing or it is buffering a lot.

A link isn’t opening, or it opens but then closes right away (and you have already added to your pop-up blocker exceptions list).

Support Community:

Where can I find someone who can answer my question?

My question isn’t about using the Microsoft Virtual Academy site. Where could I ask questions about the topic of the course I am taking?