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November 2, 2016 8am-5pm PDT

If you’re looking at building large-scale microservices using Azure Service Fabric, don’t miss this live event, where you can learn from the experts who designed and built this platform as a service (PaaS). Get started with proper architecture, and then learn how to optimize resources for your application. The course is built around the answers to the questions most often asked by real-world customers about Azure Fabric scenarios and application areas. Plus, it offers you a chance to ask your own.

Find out how to design, develop, and operate your microservices on Service Fabric using best practices and proven, reusable patterns. Get a Service Fabric overview, and then dive deep into topics that cover cluster optimization and security, migrating legacy apps, IoT at scale, hosting game engines, and more. Look at continuous delivery for various workloads, and even get the details on Linux supports and containers. Explore the blueprint to design your first cloud app with the pros who know. 

Note: Want a preview? Be sure to check out Haishi Bai’s new book, Programming Microsoft Azure Service Fabric.

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