William Hand
Country/Region United States
Attended events
What's New in Windows Server 2012 R2 Jump Start on 11/5/2013
What's New in System Center 2012 R2 Jump Start on 7/14/2013
Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0 on 7/17/2013
Advanced Tools & Scripting with PowerShell 3.0 on 7/31/2013
Gaming Engines for Windows 8 Jump Start on 8/20/2013
Windows Store Apps with HTML5 Refresh Jump Start on 8/21/2013
MVA Live Q&A: Windows Azure on 8/27/2013
Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Jump Start on 9/12/2013
Developing ASP.NET MVC4 Web Applications Jump Start on 9/16/2013
Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage Jump Start: New Choices on 9/24/2013
Core Solutions of Exchange Server 2013 Jump Start on 10/7/2013
Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases Jump Start on 10/15/2013
Developing SharePoint Server Core Solutions Jump Start on 10/24/2013
Microsoft Insights 2013 on 10/28/2013
Using Blend to Design Your XAML UI Jump Start on 11/11/2013
C++: A General Purpose Language and Library Jump Start on 11/18/2013
JumpStart: Server Virt. with Server and System Center on 11/18/2013
Mission Critical Performance with SQL Server 2014 Jump Start on 12/2/2013
Platform for Hybrid Cloud with SQL Server 2014 Jump Start on 12/4/2013
Introduction to C++ and DirectX Game Development Jump Start on 12/4/2013
Windows 8.1 UX Design Jump Start on 12/8/2013
Windows Azure Websites - Deep Dive Jump Start on 12/10/2013
What's New in Visual Studio 2013 Jump Start on 12/9/2013
Windows Performance Jump Start on 1/22/2014
LeX Products Azure Week on 1/26/2014
Designing Applications for Windows Azure Jump Start on 1/27/2014
Building Windows Azure Applications Jump Start on 1/28/2014
Windows Azure IaaS Deep-Dive Jump Start on 1/29/2014
Windows 8.1 Enterprise on 5/27/2014
Introduction to ASP .net MVC Jump Start on 6/20/2014
Windows Azure Pack: Infrastructure as a Service Jump Start on 7/15/2014
Developing Universal Windows Apps (HTML5 Part 1) Jump Start on 8/25/2014
Office 365: Getting the most out of your Office 365 Trial on 8/25/2014
Building Responsive UI with Bootstrap Jump Start on 8/26/2014
Developing Universal Windows Apps (HTML5 Part 2) Jump Start on 8/26/2014
Developing 2D & 3D Games with Unity for Windows Jump Start on 9/8/2014
Introduction to Programming with Python on 9/22/2014
Implementing Two-Way Communication with SignalR JS on 9/23/2014
Game Development with Construct 2 on 9/3/2014
Azure SQL Database New Serivce Tiers on 9/25/2014
Developing Universal Windows Apps (C#/XAML) - Day 1 on 9/29/2014
Developing Games with HTML5 on 10/1/2014
Designing Single Page Applications with Visual Studio on 10/7/2014
Azure Resource Manager (ARM) on 10/8/2014
Applicaton Insights 101: Introduction to Modern Monitoring on 10/1/2014
Deep Dive: Integrating Office365 APIs in standalone web apps on 10/6/2014
Deep Dive: Integrating Office365 APIs in standalone web apps on 10/3/2014
Introduction to WebGL 3D with HTML5 and Babylon.js day 2 on 10/22/2014
Modernizing your Datacenter Jumpstart on 10/27/2014
Cross-Platform Development with Visual Studio on 10/27/2014
Using PowerShell for Active Directory Jump Start on 10/8/2014
Introduction to jQuery on 10/28/2014
Game Production Basics on 11/5/2014
Implementing Tabular Data Models on 11/10/2014
Game Development with Marmalade on 11/19/2014
Windows 10 Technical Preview Fundamentals for IT Pros on 11/19/2014
PHP for Azure on 12/9/2014
Open Source for DevOps Practices on 12/9/2014
Game Development Series - GameMaker on 11/18/2014
SharePoint Jump Start on 12/10/2014
MongoDB and Redis Caching on 12/1/2014
C++/DirectX Game Development: Blending and Models on 1/21/2015
MVC -Entity Framework Jump Start on 1/27/2015
Cloud DevCamp on 2/9/2015
Universal Windows App Development with Cortana and the Speech SDK on 2/10/2015
Cloud-Enable a Windows Presentation Foundation LOB App on 2/11/2015
Cloud-Enable an ASP.NET MVC LOB App on 2/12/2015
MPN Training: Cloud Profitability Web Series, part 18 on 2/17/2015
MEAN Stack Jump Start on 2/17/2015
Developing Advanced 2D Games with HTML5 on 2/11/2015
Polyglot Persistence: Choosing the Right Storage on 2/23/2015
MPN Training: Cloud Profitability Web Series, part 19 on 2/24/2015
Practical Performance Tips to Make Your HTML/JavaScript Fast on 2/24/2015
PowerShell: DSC Foundations on 2/24/2015
Game Development Series - Marmalade Windows Customizations on 1/1/2015
PowerShell: Custom DSC Resources on 2/25/2015
Azure and Open source: what you need to know on 3/2/2015
MPN Training: Cloud Profitability Web Series, part 20 on 3/3/2015
SQL, Python, and Flask on 3/3/2015
Microsoft Virtual Academy Meets Reddit: Ask Us Anything! on 3/6/2015
MPN Training: Cloud Profitability Web Series, part 21 on 3/10/2015
MVC for Java Developers on 3/10/2015
Game Development Series – Construct 2 Windows Customization on 3/1/2015
Azure Redis Cache Jump Start on 3/11/2015
Managing The Application Lifecycle with MSDN on 3/16/2015
MPN Training: Cloud Profitability Web Series, part 22 on 3/17/2015
Java on Microsoft Azure on 3/17/2015