deferson lessak
Country/Region Brazil
Description Desenvolve aplicativos para a empresa SISLE
Attended events
What's New in Windows Server 2012 R2 Jump Start on 11/5/2013
XAML Deep Dive for Windows & Windows Phone Apps Jump Start on 7/11/2013
What's New in System Center 2012 R2 Jump Start on 7/14/2013
Building Windows Store Apps for iOS Developers Jump Start on 7/16/2013
Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0 on 7/17/2013
Advanced Tools & Scripting with PowerShell 3.0 on 7/31/2013
What's New in Windows 8.1 for Developers Jump Start on 1/20/2014
LeX Products Azure Week on 1/26/2014
Designing Applications for Windows Azure Jump Start on 1/27/2014
Windows Azure IaaS Deep-Dive Jump Start on 1/29/2014
Building Windows Azure Applications Jump Start on 1/28/2014
Mobile Apps to IoT: Connected Devices with Windows Azure on 1/30/2014
Enterprise Developer Camp Jump Start on 2/3/2014
MVASURVEY on 12/1/2013
Faster Insights to Data with SQL Server 2014 Jump Start on 2/10/2014
SQL Azure on VM Role Jump Start on 2/17/2014
Using Kanban Jump Start on 3/4/2014
Using Git with Visual Studio 2013 Jump Start on 3/11/2014
Windows 8.1 Deployment Jump Start on 3/11/2014
Fundamentals of Lean Software Delivery Jump Start on 3/18/2014
Windows Server 2012R2 - Software Defined Networking on 3/18/2014
Building Blocks: Construct() Jump Start on 3/26/2014
Building Blocks: Extend() Jump Start on 3/27/2014
DevOps - Visual Studio Release Management Jump Start on 4/8/2014
Windows Azure Developer Camp Jump Start 1 on 4/22/2014
Windows Azure Developer Camp Jump Start 2 on 4/23/2014
Self-service & Corporate BI with SAP Integration Jump Start on 4/29/2014
Bing Ads Jump Start on 5/19/2014
Moving to Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure on 5/19/2014
Bing Search Engine Optimization Jump Start on 5/20/2014
Windows 8.1 Enterprise on 5/27/2014
Introduction to ASP .net MVC Jump Start on 6/20/2014
Programming the Kinect for Windows v2 Jump Start on 7/14/2014
Windows Azure Pack: Infrastructure as a Service Jump Start on 7/15/2014