Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Are you new to Microsoft Azure? If you’re an experienced IT Pro, and you want to know more about Microsoft Azure, learn from the always-entertaining Bob Tabor of LearnVisualStudio.NET! Bob puts the “fun” into “fundamentals,” as he teaches you the basic concepts, from tactical “how-to” topics to web hosting, common administration tasks, and more, with demos, best practices, and tips you can use right away.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Learn why Microsoft Azure exists and what problems it solves for start-up and Fortune 500 companies. Explore conceptual topics related to Microsoft Azure implementation, and get the details on accounts, subscriptions, Azure Active Directories, users, and subscription and organizational roles.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Websites

Tour Microsoft Azure Websites, the preferred method for web hosting on the Microsoft Azure platform, and build your foundational knowledge of this essential technology. Dive into how to integrate Redis Cache, Microsoft Azure CDN, and Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager into your Azure Websites deployment.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Storage and Data

Learn about storing structured, semi-structured, and schema-free data in the cloud. Plus, examine the trade-offs between Azure product offerings and the various application architectures that each technology supports. Work through code examples to get comfortable with these technologies.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Virtual Machines

Get the details on using Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). Examine the different VM templates in the gallery, learn the difference between on-premises and Azure Virtual Machines, and explore basic configuration, management, and monitoring techniques.