C++/DirectX Game
Development series

C++/DirectX Game Development series

If you’re an experienced Game Developer and you want to build on your C++ and DirectX skills, up-level your employment options with AAA companies, and expand on the DirectX goodness in the Introduction to C++ and DirectX Game Development course, now's your chance! Get the details, plus helpful tips and insights, from popular experts Bryan Griffiths and Mickey MacDonald, who build on the prototype from the previous course.

C++/DirectX Game Development: Skyboxes and Porting DX11 to 11.2

Learn how to port old DirectX 11 programs to the new Windows 8 landscape. Explore cube maps and skyboxes, create a worldscape and render images, and make a skydome in DirectX. Take this opportunity to build your engine development and coding skills.

C++/DirectX Game Development: Fun with Sounds and Shaders

Get the details on XAudio2, and learn how to integrate it into your game engine. Plus, test out various shader tricks to get common artistic looks seen in other graphic editing software, expand on the gameplay from previous courses, and learn how to use the new Graphics Debugging tool in Visual Studio.

C++/DirectX Game Development: Blending and Models

Explore atmospheric effects, transparency, blending, and fog in DirectX, and learn how easy it is to incorporate these features in your game engine. Get a closer look at the evolving Windows Developer landscape. And discover how to make and import third-party models from an open source file format.

C++/DirectX Game Development: Animations and Advanced Game AI

Examine new gameplay, artificial intelligence, and animations, which add more depth to the overall game. Assess game features, learn how to prune those which aren't in the budget versus, test and verify features, and explore where to take the project from here. Get the details on expanding the simple state machine AI currently in the prototype to consider multiple strategies, situational awareness, and power-ups.