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Beyond //build:

HTML5, XAML, CSS, and C#

Update your skills with
on-demand Building Blocks sessions

Regardless of whether you attended the popular //build conference in person or are catching up on the sessions online, continue to stretch your HTML5, XAML, CSS, and C# skills with our on-demand “Building Blocks” Jump Start series. These deep dives cover mobile services, working with data, and much more. Learn from expert and entertaining presenters as they share their practical experience and insights. Watch all three sessions!

Building Blocks: JavaScript and C# (Initialize)

Get up to speed—or dust off your skills—on the Microsoft platform. Whether you're a web, app, C#, .NET, or JavaScript developer, this course delivers what you need. Popular presenters Jeremy Foster and Christopher Harrison walk through various modern paradigms comparing JavaScript and C# side by side on the Microsoft platform.

Building Blocks: XAML and HTML5 (Construct)

Developers, expand your coding skills with the inspiring Jeremy Foster and the inimitable Stacey Mulcahy, who teach you how to create great layout and style with XAML and HTML5. They also discuss touch capabilities and highlight well-designed apps.

Building Blocks: iOS, Android, Windows (Extend)

Want to build a successful mobile app and smart device strategy? Watch Miranda Luna and a team of seasoned experts as they provide tips on building cloud-connected iOS, Android, and Windows apps. They also show you, based on their real-world experience, how to add a mobile layer to your existing enterprise apps.