MCSD: Web Applications

Build websites and applications

Do you build web apps? Want to expand your skills for the consumer or enterprise market? Get the training you need on open and flexible frameworks from Microsoft, including ASP.NET, Windows Azure, and Visual Studio. While you’re at it, prepare for the MCSD: Web Applications certification, and get the practical experience you need to meet your certification goals.

Get Ready with MVA Expert-led Jump Start Training!

Launch your certification exam studies with Microsoft Virtual Academy accelerated courses. Delivered by industry experts, each series of recorded videos (available for review at your convenience) provides you with an overview of skills measured by the exams, along with practical demos and detailed real-world examples. These information-packed sessions give you the preparation you need to test with confidence.

480 | Developing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Jump Start

Harness the power of HTML5 to build complex web and cross-platform mobile applications. Microsoft Technical Evangelists Jeremy Foster and Michael Palermo take you through an accelerated introduction to HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This course provides a key resource to preparing for Exam 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3.

486 | Developing ASP.NET MVC4 Web Applications Jump Start

Learn how applying the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern to separate the user interface, data access, and application logic can help you build easy-to-maintain apps. Take an accelerated tour of ASP.NET MVC applications, using .NET Framework 4.5 tools and technologies, with Microsoft Technical Evangelist Jon Galloway and Microsoft Certified Instructor Christopher Harrison, while also preparing for Exam 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications.

487 | Developing Windows Azure and Web Services Jump Start

Explore ways to simplify your app development while increasing reach across multiple devices by leveraging Windows Azure and Web Services. Microsoft Technical Evangelist Bret Stateham and Microsoft Developer Evangelist Bruno Terkaly provide an accelerated introduction to a range of services, including Windows Azure, Web API, WCF, and Data Access technologies. The course also provides a key resource to preparing for Exam 70-487: Developing Windows Azure and Web Services.

Prefer Deeper, Hands-On Training to Master the Concepts?

Microsoft Learning Partners offer in-depth, instructor-led training, in both physical and virtual classrooms. Find a location near you: Course 20480B: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3, Course 20486B: Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications, and Course 20487A: Developing Windows Azure and Web Services.
Helpful HTML5 Books from MS Press:
Start Here! Learn HTML5
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