ALM Training:
Kanban, Git, DevOps, and more!

Take your team's performance
and creativity to the next level

If you’re looking for creative problem-solving solutions to streamline the development pipeline and create a culture of continuous improvement, watch this new on-demand series on the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), based on the popular “ALM Wednesdays” events. Get practical tips you can implement right away, and break free of rigid, process-oriented lifecycles. The training sessions are led by seasoned professionals who have been in your shoes, including Steven Borg, Co-Founder of Northwest Cadence. They explore the technology, solutions, and mindset behind ALM.

Using Kanban Jump Start

Experts Steven Borg and Cheryl Hammond show you, in very practical ways, how to move beyond boards to see how Kanban can help focus your teams on the flow of value to your customers, help you identify and remove bottlenecks in your development pipeline, and most importantly, shift your organizational culture toward creative problem-solving at all levels.

Using Git with Visual Studio 2013 Jump Start

In this demo-focused session, find out more about the excitement around Git—the wildly popular source control system. Experts Steven Borg and James Tupper give you a fundamental understanding of Git, show how it differs from other systems, and explore the benefits of using Git with Visual Studio Online and Windows Azure.

Fundamentals of Lean Software Delivery Jump Start

Have you ever wondered why agile works? Do you want to go beyond the Agile Manifesto and examine the theoretical underpinnings of the agile movement? Get the facts on lean software development as experts Steven Borg and Andrew Clear, of Northwest Cadence, go beyond the rhetoric.

Enterprise Agility Is Not an Oxymoron Jump Start

Agility allows you to be more responsive and more innovative, which makes you more competitive. But your non-technical leadership might not know that the "agile" you talk about and the business benefits they wish for are the same thing. Experts Steven Borg and Cheryl Hammond, of Northwest Cadence, show you how to scale up proven practices for team agility into a vision that makes sense at the C-level: not just CTO but also CIO, CEO, and beyond.

DevOps - Visual Studio Release Management Jump Start

Developers and Project Managers, do you wonder how to implement DevOps principles to resolve delivery challenges? In this informative ALM training, Microsoft experts equip users of Visual Studio ALM with the necessary skills to build an effective release pipeline with the Release Management functionality provided by Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server.