Partner Profitability: Learn to Build and Grow the Profitability of Your Cloud Practice

The greater cloud market is forecasted by IDC to reach $200 billion by 2018.* Please join us for our Profitability Wednesdays webinar series, from September 30 to November 18, to learn how you can build a profitable cloud practice and increase the valuation of your business. After each session, you can chat live with the subject matter experts.

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*IDC Predictions 2015: “Accelerating Innovation and Growth, on the Third Platform,” Doc #252700, December 2014

Build a Profitable Cloud Business with Microsoft

September 30, 2015

Gain insights into the predominant business models in the cloud that make each type of business successful, and explore how you can build recurring revenue and increase the valuation of your company. Presenter: Jen Sieger

Optimizing the Profitability of Your Project and Managed Services Business

October 7, 2015

Explore actionable, concrete steps you can take to drive higher profits with your project and managed services business. Take a look at key foundational traits of top performing partners, and assess how your company benchmarks against the competition. Learn about best practices for maximizing your people resources effectively, along with how to compensate your employees to maximize results. Presenter: Martin Gossen

The Importance of Driving Adoption of Cloud Services

October 14, 2015

Partners play an important role in driving implementation, deployment, consumption, and active use with customers. When a partner is involved in a deal, customer satisfaction is improved. Learn why driving adoption of cloud services is critical to building a successful cloud business. Presenter: Jen Sieger

Build Intellectual Property into Your Business Model

October 21, 2015

Want to monetize IP that you have built or created? The cloud can make it easier for many of you to market and sell repeatable IP, with less investment than was required for on-premises IP. In this session, find out how to adapt your business for success, including investments, staffing, sales model, and more. Presenter: Harald Horgen

Cloud Profitability Chat with Blue Rooster

October 28, 2015

Learn how Kevin Conroy, President and Founder Blue Rooster, is building a profitable IP-based cloud business. Kevin shares key takeaways and learnings gathered during the Blue Rooster journey from a professional services company to an IP-based company.

Increasing Shareholder Value: Part 1 - Finance and Metrics That Matter

November 4, 2015

In this episode of our Partner Profitability series, learn about the key metrics that matter in terms of increasing value and optimizing customer acquisition. Presenter: Brent Combest

Increasing Shareholder Value: Part 2 - Levers to Increase the Valuation of Your Business

November 11, 2015

Profitability and shareholder value are top of mind for many partners today. Although there are numerous routes to market with Microsoft products and services, there are a few key truths around setting yourself up to optimize your bottom line and maximize your valuation. Presenter: Brent Combest

Winning Loads of New Cloud Customers

November 18, 2015

Learn about the new marketing experience for partners, Smart Partner Marketing. Get custom advice from successful partners who credit marketing as a key to their success.