Microsoft Azure Deep Dive

Training from the experts
who built Azure

These deep dive courses from the experts who built Microsoft Azure are full of demos and real world examples designed to show you how to start using Azure in your solutions today.

Get Started with Windows Azure Today Jump Start

Watch Scott Guthrie, Azure guru and Microsoft Corporate Vice President, as he walks you through Microsoft Azure and provides an overview of what it offers.

Windows Azure Storage - Design and Implementation Jump Start

If you are wondering what Azure Storage is and how to use it, watch this course highlighting its key features. Learn how to structure Azure Storage in a way that makes sense for your applications, plus how to design with security in mind. And explore best practices, tips, and tricks so you can get started today.

Designing Applications for Windows Azure Jump Start

Developers, do you wonder how to design apps for the cloud? Are you interested in best practices for architectures that include services that run in the cloud? Watch Marc Mercuri as he explores design and architecture lessons for Microsoft Azure developers.

Building Windows Azure Applications Jump Start

Go on an entertaining journey through the Microsoft Azure and Web platform for developers with Scott Hanselman, from the Microsoft Azure Application and Web Tools Platform team. He challenges you to apply your new knowledge right away with both overviews and deep dives covering everything the team is working on today—and tomorrow.

Windows Azure IaaS Deep Dive Jump Start

Watch Cheryl McGuire and Ronald Beekelaar as they guide us through IT Pro IaaS Jump Start Day. They explore details about creating VMs, how they behave in Microsoft Azure, and how to configure good network communication to get things up and running in the cloud.

Mobile Apps to IoT: Connected Devices with Windows Azure

In this course, Miranda Luna offers a comprehensive, infrastructure-focused look at how your mobile apps can use cloud data, manage users with ease, and quickly deliver push notifications at scale.