Imagine@MVA Imagine@MVA

Imagine@MVA helps you understand computer science and how you can build and create your own coding projects that could wow the world. You'll get the training you need to become a code geek today.

Whether it's in class, at home, or somewhere in between, learn wherever you like and whenever you want. And it's all free and available 24/7. This is about making your dream of creating games and apps a reality!

For students

For students

Get the scoop on how to create games, make your own mobile app or build something awesome for the web or Windows. And it's all part of the great Microsoft Imagine experience that gets you free tools and gives you a kick start into the world of computing. Technology jobs are everywhere and not enough programmers and designers to fill them, so get involved and help change the world with cool code that you create.

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For educators

For educators

Computer Science is one of the fastest growing industries. Inspire your students to explore the world of technology. Create an engaging environment for your entire class with freely available curriculum, hands-on learning, and teaching components that can be used by students for self-directed growth. Teach valuable skills in problem solving, creative thinking, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

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You're part of a globally connected, always on, world. Check out what other students have to say about learning to code, creating their next app or game, or challenging themselves to do even more with technology. And don't stop there - share your story and let others see what makes you tick.