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Accepting the Know it. Prove it. challenge gets you into the Agency, an organization of technological masterminds who use their skills for good. The Agency's doors—and our challenges—are open to developers, data pros, and students, all of whom can pick up valuable skills quickly through video tutorials, assessments, and more. Accept the Know it. Prove it. challenge, earn unique badges, and display them proudly. The challenges run from April 18 through May 17, 2017. Join the Agency now! View the Terms and Conditions

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At the Agency, we love riddles, games, and puzzles. Look for hidden messages from your fellow Agents in Agency communications!
Know it. Prove it. Challenge Badges for Azure for IT Pros, IT Pro Fundamentals, Build Intelligent apps, and Building Apps with Xamarin

Great news for tech superheroes

The Know it. Prove it. challenges separate the best Agents from the rest. Are you good enough to take them on—and help the Agency work for good? Complete these courses, earn exclusive badges to show off your skills. Sign up for one, two, or any of the paths you like. The Know it. Prove it. challenges include the ability to track your own progress on your MVA dashboard. If you complete a course before the challenge begins, that achievement is reflected on your dashboard. Find out, at a glance, what you have already accomplished and which courses you have left. Each badge you earn represents proof of completion. To earn a badge, challenges must be completed during the Agency games from April 18 to May 17, 2017!

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Earn badges you can share over Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Save and store them using digital badge services like Badgr and Open Badges Backpack, so they become part of your professional profile. Register today and help the Agency—and your career. Your fellow Agents can cheer you on when you share badges over social channels or forums. No Agent is alone; we stand behind each other!