Building Windows Store Apps for iOS Developers Jump Start
Attention iOS! Join this Jump Start to learn how to develop and monetize apps for Windows Store. We are excited to present Microsoft Principal Technical Evangelist Jaime Rodriguez and Big Nerd Ranch trainers Eric Jeffers and Sean McCune to share some of their lessons learned in transitioning from iOS to Windows Store development. We will use iOS terms and concepts to explain features in Windows, ensuring that you can make use of what you already know and learn the new concepts in your own terms. Register now for a packed, fun-filled, interactive event.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to the Windows Store Opportunity
  • Setup, Pre-reqs and a Lap around Visual Studio
  • C# for iOS Developers
  • Brief Introduction to XAML
  • Dissecting UI patterns, from MVC to MVVM or not
  • Understanding the Application Model and UX Differences
  • Integrating with Windows (Contracts, Hardware, etc.)
  • Monetizing your App  (Store APIs, Ads, Submission, etc.)
Instructor Team
Jaime Rodriguez | Principal Technical Evangelist | @jaimerodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez is a Principal Technical Evangelist at Microsoft and has been building great apps for over 15 years. Throughout his career he has focused on helping strategic Microsoft partners and customers with emerging technologies such as .NET, Silverlight, Windows Phone leveraging both C#/XAML and HTML/CSS. Recently, his focus has been on helping developers with web, iOS and Android backgrounds to bring their existing apps to the Windows Store. Follow Jaime on Twitter or via his blog.
Live Event Details
July 17, 2013
9:00am - 5:00pm (PDT)
What: Engaging, demo-rich virtual class!
Cost: Free
Audience: Developers
Prerequisites: While specific experience is not required, the audience should be proficient in developing apps for Windows Phone and Windows Store.