A Lap Around Azure Websites

Want to explore the lifecycle of an Azure Website, from building blocks to production to troubleshooting? Now's your chance! Get a look at new features in Azure Websites, including WebJobs, added security, and simple authentication. Plus, explore supported languages, such as ASP.NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, and more.

Spend a day with experts Jon Galloway and Cory Fowler, as they look at this fully managed platform as a service (PaaS) that enables you to build, deploy, and scale enterprise-grade web apps in seconds. See how easy it is to get started and to then manage and scale your sites as they grow. Check out how to hook up continuous integration and deployment, learn to run background tasks with WebJobs, and see some cool demos in this look at the power of the Azure platform.

Course Outline:

  • Getting Started
  • Web Stacks
  • Continuous Deployment and Integration
  • Background Processing with WebJobs
  • Going Live on Azure Websites
  • Troubleshooting Your Website
Instructor Team
Jon Galloway | Microsoft Technical Evangelist | @jongalloway

Jon Galloway works at Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist focused on ASP.NET and Azure Websites. He's co-author of Wrox Professional MVC, writes samples and tutorials, like the MVC Music Store, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and international Web Camps events. Jon has been doing professional web development for 17 years, including high-scale applications in financial, entertainment, and healthcare analytics. He is part of the Herding Code podcast, and you can follow him on his blog.

Cory Fowler | Microsoft Azure Technical Evangelist

Over the course of his career, Cory Fowler has been involved in web projects large and small, spanning the start-up scene all the way to the Financial Services sector. Cory lives for the community, and he can often be found at User Group meetings, Open Source conferences, or polishing up his Microsoft MVP award from his former tenure as an Azure MVP. Follow Cory on his blog.

Live Event Details
January 14, 2015
9am–5pm PST
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: Intermediate Web Developers

You should be familiar with basic web programming.