Building Blocks 2016

If you’re a cutting-edge developer—or you’d like to be—check out this series of Building Blocks interviews with popular experts, like Jon Galloway and Andy Wigley. These six interviews take place over three days, just two hours per day, so you can get all your questions answered. They are designed to help developers explore the latest and most exciting technologies and to show you what you can look forward to at this year’s //build conference.

Discover today’s hottest tech topics, from the Internet of Things (IoT) to big data and much more. Learn about changes in web app and mobile app development, machine learning, and trends in DevOps. Take a look at debugging tools, IoT cloud services, the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)—and that’s just the beginning. Get your questions answered live, in these fun and fast-paced sessions.

Note: Take a closer look at some of these technologies in a series of free, on-demand sessions.


  • March 22: Universal Windows Platform Development (Andy Wigley)
  • March 22: Internet of Things Development (Pete Brown)
  • March 23: Web Development (Jon Galloway)
  • March 23: Data Development (Romit Girdhar)
  • March 24: Cross-Platform Mobile Development (Thiago Almeida)
  • March 24: Graphics Debugging Game Dev (Petri Tapio Wilhelmsen)
Instructor Team
Andy Wigley | Microsoft Senior Developer Evangelist | @andy_wigley

Andy Wigley is a Senior Developer Evangelist in the TED Developer Experience (DX) group at Microsoft, responsible for creating great video and presentation content to help developers create awesome Windows apps. Before joining the team at Redmond, he worked as a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft UK, working with the developer community and partners to help them get the best out of Windows Phone and Windows 8 app development.

Andy joined Microsoft in 2012 and, before that, was a prominent member of the mobile and embedded developer community and earned the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for 10 years, for blogging, speaking, and writing about mobile app development. He is co-author of a number of Microsoft Press books and is a regular speaker at major industry conferences.

Pete Brown | Microsoft Senior Program Manager/Evangelist

Pete Brown is a Senior Program Manager/Evangelist at Microsoft focusing on client app development, devices, and creative scenarios with XAML, .NET and more. Also, Pete adores his C64.

Jon Galloway | Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist | @jongalloway

Jon Galloway works at Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist focused on ASP.NET and Azure Websites. He's co-author of Wrox Professional MVC, writes samples and tutorials, like the MVC Music Store, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and international Web Camps events.

Jon has been doing professional web development for 17 years, including high-scale applications in financial, entertainment, and healthcare analytics. He is part of the Herding Code podcast, and you can follow Jon Galloway on his blog.

Romit Girdhar | Microsoft Developer Experience Group Software Engineer

Romit Girdhar is a Software Engineer in the Developer Experience Group at Microsoft. He mainly focuses on the Data & Analytics space and enjoys working with OSS. Romit has been with Microsoft for almost three years and has worked with multiple customers, partners, and ISVs and has helped them build data-driven applications on Azure. An enthusiastic person who is passionate about technology, he has experience architecting and designing numerous cloud-based analytics solutions. Romit is looking forward to //build this year and to sharing details on how you can get insights from your applications.

Thiago Almeida | Microsoft Senior Software Development Engineer | @nzthiago

Thiago Almeida focuses on cloud computing, open source, and DevOps practices. He works at Microsoft in the team that drives adoption and development of industry leading applications and services using Microsoft tools and frameworks.

Petri Tapio Wilhelmsen | Microsoft Senior Program Manager | @petriw

Petri Tapio Wilhelmsen is a Senior Program Manager focusing on graphics and games. He started his adventure on an old Commodore 64 and quickly realized that graphics programming is awesome. He was an MVP on XNA and DirectX before joining Microsoft in 2010. Petri has been a speaker at many conferences, and he blogs about his passion for graphics and game development. Follow Petri Wilhelmsen on his blog.

Live Event Details
March 22, 23, and 24, 2016
9–11am PDT
What: Live Q&A
Cost: Free
Audience: Developers

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