Building Linux-Based Solutions on Azure Jump Start

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Do you run an open-source infrastructure? Want a public cloud solution that fits your environment? Join Senior Technical Evangelist Rick Claus and four engineers from the Azure Compute team for this live event, and see how easy and efficient it is to build Linux-based solutions on Microsoft Azure. (In fact, 20% of virtual machines that run on Azure run Linux!)

Explore options you can use to build, deploy, and manage your Linux infrastructure on Azure. Learn how they work and how to support, build, and scale them, along with how to make them available to Devs. See technical demos, and examine open-source tools, such as Docker containers, to manage DevOps pipelines on Azure and to dramatically increase productivity. Plus, walk through application platform as a service (aPaaS) options, and learn what lift and shift is all about. Don't miss this look at the Ops in DevOps, as you explore Azure as a cloud provider for open source software (OSS) applications.

Course Outline:

  • Linux Data Options on Azure
  • Building and Accelerating DevOps Pipeline on Azure
  • Building and Managing Docker Multi-Container Apps on Azure
  • Application Platform as a Service on Top of Linux Virtual Machines on Azure
Instructor Team
Rick Claus | Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist | @RicksterCDN

Rick Claus sees himself as one of those "regular IT guys" who currently works for Microsoft in his dream job as a Technical Evangelist. His technical background comes from being self-taught (his first computer was a Sinclair ZX81), and he has no formal university/college training in computer science.

Rick has earned his living collecting a salary, full time, for more than 20 years in the IT field as an admin guy, consultant, trainer, coach, mentor—focusing on infrastructure technologies—mostly in the Microsoft world.

Ross Gardler | Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist | @rgardler
​Ross Gardler is a Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Open Technologies Inc., where he builds bridges between non-Microsoft and Microsoft technologies in the world of open source.

Ross graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science, and he has been involved with open source in one form or another since the mid-1990s. He is also currently President of The Apache Software Foundation, a leading not-for-profit organization which provides organizational, legal, and financial support for open source software projects.
Boris Baryshnikov | Microsoft Principal Program Manager

Boris Baryshnikov is a Principal PM in the Azure Compute team, focusing on Linux/OSS on Azure. Previously, Boris worked in the Database Systems Group, focusing on Azure SQL Database platform. Before that, he was in SQL Server Engine Query Processor team, working on query performance troubleshooting.

Madhan Arumugam Ramakrishnan | Microsoft Azure Principal Lead Program Manager
Madhan Arumugam Ramakrishnan is a Principal Lead Program Manager in Microsoft Azure, where his team is responsible for the service management API of Azure Compute (focusing on platform as a service [PaaS] compute workloads) in virtual machine (VM) customization and DevOps scenarios, with a focus on Linux/OSS support in Azure.

Prior to his current role in Microsoft, he was the Principal Lead Program Manager responsible for SQL Server Cloud offerings (infrastructure as a service [IaaS], hybrid, and PaaS) and he specialized in mission-critical database solutions. Before working at Microsoft, he was a Senior Software Engineer at Intel Corp. R & D and he developed cache coherency protocol models for multicore processor systems.
​Kundana Palagiri | Microsoft Program Manager | @KundanaP

Kundana Palagiri is Program Manager in the Microsoft Azure Compute team. She has been at Microsoft for 13 years and has worked on various Windows Server and cloud technologies.

Before her current roles, she was a Software Engineer both in Dev and Test disciplines. She currently works on Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and her primary responsibilities include virtual machine (VM) customization and VM extensions. She works on building the underlying platform components for VM customization, and she works with various internal and external partners to integrate their solutions with Azure Virtual Machines to provide a rich DevOps and management experience on Azure.

Live Event Details
July 14, 2015
9am‒1pm PDT
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: IT Ops and OSS Practitioners curious about Microsoft and the public cloud in the open source space

Experience with open source and a familiarity with the open source stack

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