Building Roslyn-Based Analyzers and Diagnostics

Do you know the difference between a syntax model and a syntactic model? You probably do, but you still won't want to miss this exploration of the new Roslyn-based compilers in the upcoming release of Visual Studio! Help your team grow great coding habits, with this set of APIs that you can use to build automated tools to find and fix common coding mistakes. Plus, learn how to analyze code during development and create automated fixes for common poor practices.

Join MVP and best-selling author Bill Wagner and Microsoft Principal Developer Evangelist Jennifer Marsman (named the "Techie whose innovation will have the biggest impact") for a demo-filled exploration of analyzers and code fixes. Examine nodes for poor practices, register fixes to correct mistakes, and learn to report errors and warnings with different levels of severity. Look at ways to express your designs in C#, and explore unit testing. Finally, hear about the different approaches to releasing your analyzer, including adding it to open source libraries.

Course Outline:

  • Intro to Analyzers
  • Analyzing Code
  • Fixing Code
  • Errors, Warnings, and Other Settings
  • Testing and Unit Testing
  • NuGet-Based Analyzers
Instructor Team
Bill Wagner | Microsoft Regional Director, Software Consultant, and MVP | @billwagner

Bill Wagner is the author of the best-selling Effective C#, now in its second edition, and More Effective C#. He created LiveLessons on Async programming in C# and C# Puzzlers. And his articles have appeared in MSDN Magazine, the C# Developer Center, Visual C++ Developer's Journal, Visual Studio Magazine, ASP.NET Pro, .NET Developer's Journal, and more. He has written hundreds of technical articles for software developers. Bill is also a Regional Director for Microsoft and a 10-year C# MVP.

Follow Bill Wagner on his blog, where he actively posts about technical and business topics.

Jennifer Marsman | Microsoft Principal Developer Evangelist | @JenniferMarsman

Jennifer Marsman is a Principal Developer Evangelist in the Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism group, where she educates developers on new Microsoft technologies. In this role, Jennifer is a frequent speaker at software development conferences across the United States.

In 2009, Jennifer was chosen as a "techie whose innovation will have the biggest impact," by X-OLOGY, for her work with GiveCamps, a weekend-long event where developers code for charity. She has also received many honors from Microsoft, including the Central Region Top Contributor Award, Heartland District Top Contributor Award, DPE Community Evangelist Award, CPE Champion Award, MSUS Diversity & Inclusion Award, and Gold Club.

Prior to becoming a Developer Evangelist, Jennifer was a software developer in the Microsoft Natural Interactive Services division. In this role, she earned two patents for her work in search and data-mining algorithms. Jennifer holds a bachelor's degree in computer engineering and a master's degree in computer science and engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Her graduate work specialized in artificial intelligence and computational theory. Follow Jennifer Marsman on her blog.

Live Event Details
June 24, 2015
9am‒5pm PDT
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: Senior Developers looking to enhance their skill sets

Experience writing analyzers and code fixes. To best follow along with the demonstrations, please download (free) Visual Studio Community Edition.