Construct 2 Advanced Game Development

Can you drag and drop? If so, you can create games with Construct 2, a straightforward but powerful visual game development tool (no coding required). Build on the basics from Developing Games with Construct 2, and dig into more advanced techniques with the experts.

James Quick and Shahed Chowdhuri return for a deeper look at behaviors and attributes, and they show you how to apply them to actual game projects. Find out how to include privacy and support settings, and even add a leaderboard. Work with multiplayer scenarios, advertising, in-app purchases, and much more, in this fun and informative course, packed with lots of helpful guidance and tips.

Course Outline:

  • Behaviors: Beyond the Basics
  • Windows 8.x Specific Features
  • Multiplayer Scenarios
  • Monetization
Instructor Team
James Quick | Microsoft Technical Evangelist | @jamesqquick

James Quick graduated from Vanderbilt University with a double major in Computer Science and Spanish. During the last two years, he has spent time inside and outside of the classroom exploring mobile application development on the Android platform, creating one app that currently has more than 20,000 downloads. After graduation, he joined Microsoft as the Technical Evangelist in South Florida, focusing on mobile application development for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Since that time, he has worked with all different kinds of people (students, professionals, game developers, and more). This includes giving professional development training for Miami Dade High School teachers and Miami Dade College professors, leading numerous workshops in the community, and speaking at local events, such as ITPalooza and South Florida Code Camp.​

Shahed Chowdhuri | Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist | @shahedC
Shahed Chowdhuri is a Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft and a public speaker in the DC Metro area. In his spare time, he builds indie games and dev tools via OnekSoft Games and OnekSoft Labs. He is also the founder of multiple game development groups on Facebook: Xbox One Indie Devs, Unity Indie Devs, and Construct 2 Indie Game Developers. Follow Shahed on his blog.
Live Event Details
March 12, 2015
9am–1pm PDT
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: Game Developers and anyone interested in learning programming concepts

No coding or programming experience is required, but it might be helpful to review Developing Games with Construct 2.