Cross-Platform Development with Visual Studio

Web devs, want to use your existing skills and code to build apps across major mobile platforms on the market today? Join a team of experts with tons of real-world experience, plus some special guests, and find out how to go from web to apps.

From development tools to middleware frameworks and runtime, see what's possible with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, alongside the open source project Apache Cordova and with Visual Studio integration. Explore lots of cool technologies, including Cordova, Coco Games, Babylon.js, and more. Don't miss this informative event!

Course Outline:

  • ​​Apache Cordova Command Line for Windows Development
  • Multi-Device Hybrid Apps Extension for Visual Studio
  • Cross-Platform JavaScript Frameworks for Games or Business Apps
  • Platform Differences and JavaScript Compatibility
Instructor Team
​Eric Mittelette | Microsoft Open Technologies Senior Technical Evangelist | @ericmitt

As a Developer Evangelist since the year 2000 for Microsoft France, Eric Mittelette has animated sessions and keynotes about Microsoft development platform since the beginning of .NET. He integrates open source software and framework in his work, and he recently joined Microsoft Open Technologies Inc. as a Senior Technical Evangelist. Passionate about code and algorithms since the 90s, Eric works with C, C++, C#, and JavaScript, and he illustrates breakout technologies with simplicity and fun. His background as an agronomic researcher provides him with an interesting approach and a new point of view.

Oliver Bloch | Microsoft Open Technologies Senior Technical Evangelist | @obloch

Oliver Bloch is a Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Open Technologies Inc., looking into interoperability, cross platform, and open source development for Microsoft client platforms: Windows Phone, Windows and Internet Explorer. Before this role, he was in the embedded space for almost 10 years, developing, consulting, training, and talking about the Internet of Things, connected devices, and other cool and interesting topics in France, the United States, and other places around the world. He describes himself as not just a geek who loves to play around with the latest gadgets (well, mostly a geek) but also as someone who loves the idea that geeking around with these devices is all about the consumer and industrial ecosystems and what they are becoming.

David Catuhe | Microsoft Principal Program Manager | @deltakosh

David Catuhe is driving HTML5 and open web standards evangelization for Microsoft. He defines himself as a geek. David loves developing with JavaScript and HTML5 but also with DirectX, C#, C++, or even Kinect. (He wrote a book about it, which is available on Amazon.) He is the father of Babylon.js and hand.js. Follow him on his MSDN blog.

Edgar Banguero | Microsoft Senior Software Engineer | @banguero

Edgar Banguero is a Senior Software Engineer in the Web Frameworks/WinJS team. He has spent the past eight years at Microsoft, working on web services (now and OneDrive) and on the Windows Web Apps platform that enables developers to build apps in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Most recently, in the WinJS team, he worked on the effort to bring the library cross platform/cross browser, ensuring that it works well in Cordova apps.

Paul Gildea | Microsoft Program Manager | @paulgildea

Paul Gildea is a Program Manager in the Web Frameworks/WinJS team. He has spent most of his six years at Microsoft working on UI platform components for Windows 7 and Windows 8, and he has been working with the WinJS team for the past two years. Most recently, he worked on the effort to bring the WinJS library cross platform/cross browser, on interoperability examples with WinJS, and on ensuring that WinJS works well in Cordova apps.

Kirupa Chinnathambi | Microsoft Program Manager | @kirupa

Kirupa Chinnathambi is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio team, where he spends a lot of time thinking about how to improve the HTML developer experience. When he isn't busy writing short bios of himself, he can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and

Live Event Details
October 28, 2014
9:00am–5:00pm PDT
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: Web developers

Experience with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, plus familiarity with Visual Studio basics