Developing Games with Marmalade and C++ for Windows and Windows Phone

Are you familiar with Marmalade? Want to build on the skills you learned in Creating Your First Marmalade Game? Get ready for more fun and games with the entertaining team of Lee Stott and James Mintram, as they teach you how to create and optimize your Marmalade games for Windows and Windows Phone 8 using Marmalade and C++.

In this advanced Jump Start training with live Q&A, learn about building the game and deploying it to a device. Include features, like "game save" and leaderboards, add a cloud back end, and take a look at monetization. Plus, hear best practices for game ads, packaging, and publishing, as you integrate with Windows platform-specific features. Be sure to bring your questions for the experts!

Course Outline:

  • Marmalade and Visual Studio Overview
  • Building the Gameplay
  • Cloud Services
  • Monetization
  • Creating Marmalade Extensions
  • Packaging & Finishing Touches
Instructor Team
Lee Stott | Microsoft Technical Evangelist | @Lee_Stott

Lee Stott is a Technical Evangelist based out of the United Kingdom, focused on gaming, cloud, and academia. He has more than four years of gaming industry experience, and he is a Technical Editor for the Microsoft UK Faculty Connection blog.

James Mintram | Lemon Moose Games Director | @JamesMintram

James Mintram, Director of Lemon Moose Games, has been developing commercial games for three years, using Marmalade, Unity3D, C++, C#, and Python. His focus is on gaming, cloud, and web technologies, with an emphasis on building awesome games.

Live Event Details
February 26, 2015
9am–1:30pm PST
What: Jump Start training with live Q&A
Cost: Free
Audience: Advanced Developers and students

Experience with Marmalade, Visual Studio, and C++; knowledge of developing for Windows Store and Windows Phone Store is helpful but not required; refresh your memory of the basics beforehand with Creating Your First Marmalade Game.