Game Production Basics

Know about sprites and boss fights but not how to create them? If you want to get into the video game industry but don't know where to start, don't miss this opportunity to jump in. Learn what skills you need, and get a look at many available tools and what you can do with them, plus links to access them yourself (with some free options for students). Explore design, art, and sound, and find out how games actually make money.

In this Jump Start training with live Q&A, benefit from the real-world experience of the always-entertaining Amanda Lange and Tobiah Marks. They share the different roles on a game development team, teach a critical eye, show practical demos, and offer lots of helpful tips and fun insider info. They even share insight into how to get a job in the industry. Your quest starts here!

Course Outline:

  • ​​Game Development Roles
  • Skills Needed to Create a Video Game
  • Commonly Used Video Game Creation Software
  • Modern Business Models in the Game Industry
Instructor Team
Tobiah Marks | Microsoft Game Evangelist | @TobiahMarks

Tobiah Marks is an independent game developer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Right after college, he started a company, called Yobonja, with a couple of friends. Their most popular game was Blast Monkeys, a physics-based puzzle game that was the #1 Android app. Tobiah stopped keeping track of downloads after they passed 12 million, and people still play it and its sequel today.

In 2013, Tobiah started working for Microsoft as a Game Evangelist. He helps out developers however he can, and he enables them to make better games and successful companies. You can read more about him on his blog.

Amanda Lange | Microsoft Technical Evangelist | @Second_Truth

​Amanda Lange is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft in the Philadelphia area. Formerly, she worked on games for education with Michigan State University and the GameSprout project at Schell Games in Pittsburgh. She has developed for Windows 8 and enjoys writing interactive fiction. She is also a game critic who writes for the website and, in her spare time, does research on games and player behavior. Follow her on her blog!

Live Event Details
November 6, 2014
9:00am–1:00pm PST
What: Jump Start training with live Q&A
Cost: Free
Audience: Students or anyone else interested in exploring game production

No prior game development experience is required; gamer experience is recommended.