Hour of Code™ Preparation Webinars: Microsoft Stores

Are you a Microsoft employee or staff member interested in leading an Hour of Code™? Get ready, with this practical, 45-minute webinar! Download the free Microsoft Hour of Code™ Event Toolkit, and then join the experts (pick from a morning or evening session) for an overview of the kit, helpful tips and advice from the experts, and a live Q&A session. The toolkit includes a facilitator guide, a quick tip sheet, PowerPoint slides, an orientation video, and more, so you can lead with confidence. Check it out!

To express our commitment to increase access to computer science education to all youth around the globe, Microsoft is providing everything one needs to lead their own Hour of Code. The Hour of Code™ is a campaign to show anyone they can learn the basics of computer science. The 2015 Hour of Code campaign is during Computer Science Education Week, December 7–13, 2015. The Hour of Code campaign is owned and managed by the United States-based nonprofit Code.org. The campaign is backed by over 100 partners and spans more than 180 countries and over 30 languages. Microsoft is a top execution partner for the Hour of Code campaign.

Instructor Team
Margie Strite | Microsoft Store (Bellevue) Community Development Specialist

Margie Strite, Community Development Specialist at the Bellevue Microsoft Store, has been with Microsoft for four years. She was previously an elementary school teacher. With her background as an educator, she brings passion day in and day out to the STEM activities in the store.

Jessica Wicklund | Microsoft Community Development Specialist and Marketing and Communications Manager | @Jess_Wicklund

Jessica Wicklund, Microsoft Community Development Specialist and Marketing and Communications Manager, is an enthusiastic public relations and marketing professional with a proven ability to cultivate sales through marketing and PR strategies designed to increase brand awareness.

Live Event Details
November 30, 2015
8:00–8:45am or 5:00–5:45pm PST
What: Webinar
Cost: Free
Audience: Microsoft Store trainers

An interest in leading an Hour of Code