Implementing Entity Framework with MVC

How can Entity Framework (EF) simplify your work? Find out from Adam Tuliper and Christopher Harrison, in this Web Wednesdays course. Almost every website you create is a front-end to a database. So managing that data effectively is key to the success, flexibility, and performance of your application. Plus, a robust object/relational mapping (ORM) tool is critical. This is why EF is such a must-have for developers.

Learn what EF 6 is, investigate how it can create databases for you, and find out how to manage that creation. Dig into advanced topics, like managing transactions and integrating stored procedures. And get a look forward into the improvements coming in EF 7. If you're using data (and you are!) check out this course.

(NOTE: For foundational info, take a look at Introduction to ASP.NET MVC.)

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Entity Framework​
  • Beginning Code First
  • Managing Relationships
  • Managing the Database
  • Managing Transactions
  • Improving Performance
  • Looking Forward
Instructor Team
Adam Tuliper | Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist | @AdamTuliper

Adam Tuliper works as a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft helping others achieve their technical vision. He works extensively with the gaming community in the western United States, co-runs the Orange County Unity Meetup, and is an indie game dev working on new titles. Prior to Microsoft, he worked as a software architect in defense, finance, pharma, manufacturing, technology, and public sector fields over a span of more than 18 years. He has been deeply involved in .NET internals since early beta, and he currently works extensively developing solutions with Unity, C#, Windows Store Apps, Windows Phone, HTML/JS, Azure, ASP.NET, SQL Server, and various open source technologies. He presents nationwide at conferences, such as //build, Visual Studio LIVE, TechEd, and GDC, and speaks regularly at user groups. He is also a author and an MSDN Magazine author.

Christopher Harrison | Microsoft Content Developer | @GeekTrainer

Christopher Harrison is a self-proclaimed geek with a passion for development and educating others. He got his first introduction to technology when his father brought home a VIC-20, graduated to a Commodore 64, and kept growing from there. Christopher parlayed that into a long career as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), with a focus on .NET development, SharePoint, and SQL Server. When offered the opportunity to become a Content Developer at Microsoft, he just couldn't resist and he made the jump.

Live Event Details
January 28, 2015
9am–5pm PST
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: Novice to intermediate Web Developers, including those targeting mobile scenarios

Familiarity with MVC, C#, and web development is helpful but not required.