Learn Better, Teach Better with Office 365

Connecting your learning to your life with Office 365. 

Flipped classroom, virtual school, MOOC, gamification of learning – a new theory on how to transform education seems to pop up almost daily. It can be difficult to navigate the maze of ideas and to identify the most promising solutions. A great place to start is to take a serious look at the education impact of a cloud-based productivity and collaboration solution such as Office 365. Microsoft recently expanded the availability of Office 365 across the African continent, and added attractive free offers for schools and students.

Join us for this Live Course – an engaging virtual seminar created in Africa for African audiences - to understand how learners, educators and parents can benefit from the power of Office 365. Discover how to study and teach seamlessly across different online platforms and devices. Find out how Office 365 can enhance learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom, while enabling students to become proficient in the use of productivity tools that will increase their employability prospects. Teachers will benefit from learning about professional development opportunities such as online communities of practice connecting them with colleagues worldwide.

Instructor Team
Jaye Richards-Hill | Director - Education Technology and Training Tablet Academy | @tabletacademyAF
Jaye has been involved in education and training for nearly thirty years, in industry and schools, latterly as a Government Policy Advisor on ICT in schools, EdTech Consultant and Principal Teacher working in a learning community setting. Jaye’s current role as Director of Education Technology and Training for Tablet Academy Africa and the Middle East, enables her to apply her passion for maximising the impact of new technology on learning and achievement within the African context.
Victor Ngobeni | Partners in Learning Training Manager
Victor’s role as Microsoft Partners in Learning Training Manager enables him work with educators, bringing information technology to the learning environment. Victor has spent most of his career training others to teach with the latest technology and innovations and since starting with Microsoft in 2008 has focussed on using technology to improve the quality of the learning process for all involved.
Live Event Details
April 3, 2014
8.00am – 4.00pm GMT
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: Learners and educators

This course will benefit students, teachers, education decisions makers, and anyone in the education field with an interest in improving the effectiveness of their learning environment. It explores in non-technical terms the powerful capabilities of Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity solution to enhance and improve learning and teaching inside and outside the classroom.