Mastering Node.js Modules and Packages

Why choose Node.js for your next project? There are tons of reasons to use this server-side application framework, and two of the biggest are packages and modules, key parts of the Node.js foundation. The Node.js online repository, npm, contains just about any code your project might need, and it's easy to plug in that code and to keep it up-to-date. Plus, you can start giving back to the vibrant node ecosystem by sharing the clever things you have built.

Join experts Jeremy Foster and Chris Kinsman, as they explore packages and modules and the difference between the two. See Visual Studio Code in action, along with cool demos, including a detailed look at real-world packages and how they are structured. Learn how to create and consume modules, how to bundle them into a package, and how easy it is to publish to npm. If you are already working with node and you’re familiar with JavaScript, but you're not sure how packages and modules work behind the scenes, take this opportunity to see how the magic comes together!

(NOTE: If you'd like to review Node.js concepts, take a look at the Microsoft Virtual Academy MEAN Stack Jump Start and the popular course, Using Node.js with Visual Studio Code.)

Course Outline:

  • Introducing Modules
  • Module Design Patterns
  • Introducing Packages
  • Creating Custom Packages
  • Publishing Packages
  • Performance and Other Considerations
Instructor Team
​Jeremy Foster | Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist | @codefoster

Jeremy Foster studied Computer Engineering and Mathematics in school, and he has thoroughly enjoyed his career course ever since. He teaches and he develops software, primarily on the web stack. He gained experience in education, aerospace manufacturing, and insurance, and he eventually joined Microsoft with the goal of informing and inspiring software developers.

He authored his first book, CSS for Windows 8 App Development, and he published a course on Follow Jeremy Foster on his blog.

Chris Kinsman | PushSpring Chief Architect | @chriskinsman

Chris Kinsman joined PushSpring to help build the next generation of audience-driven mobile advertising. Previously, he was an Architect at EveryMove, a health and fitness startup focused on leveraging lifestyle data to improve the health of individuals. Prior to EveryMove, Chris was VP Engineering at Vertafore, providing innovative solutions across the entire insurance value chain.

Chris was instrumental in creating AMS 360, the leading SaaS P&C agency management system that became the cornerstone of the Vertafore Agency Platform. He also served as CTO at and Fawcette Technical Publications, where he built the content and ad platform for the largest developer community on the Internet at the time. Chris has a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Washington State University.

Live Event Details
September 2, 2015
9am‒5pm PDT
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: Intermediate Developers

Familiarity with JavaScript