Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Jump Start

If you're not a data scientist, but you're interested in data mining and predictive analytics, and you want to go beyond just reporting the numbers, check out this course on Azure Machine Learning (ML). ML is the inexpensive, easy-to-access, and powerful predictive analytics offering from Microsoft.

In this demo-rich course, led by entertaining experts Buck Woody, Seayoung Rhee, and Scott Klein, get a real-world look at the different ways you can efficiently embed predictive analytics in your big data solutions, and explore best practices for analyzing trends and patterns. Find out about extending Azure ML using the Azure ML API services, and look at scenarios and methods for monetizing your ML application with Azure Marketplace. Bring some data, and get ready to put it to work!

[NOTE: To get the most out of this course, set up the Azure Microsoft Learning trial beforehand.]

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Azure ML Studio
  • Designing a Predictive Analytics Solution with Azure ML
  • Monetizing Your ML Application with Azure Marketplace
  • Azure ML API Services and Extensibility Scenarios
Instructor Team
Seayoung Rhee | Microsoft Senior Technical Product Manager | @Seayoung_Rhee

Seayoung Rhee is a Senior Technical Product Manager focused on Azure Machine Learning in the Cloud & Enterprise Marketing group. He joined Microsoft in 2006, and he has been responsible for worldwide marketing content, product strategy and positioning, and field readiness for business intelligence and advanced analytics.

Buck Woody | Microsoft Senior Technical Specialist | @buckwoody

​Buck Woody is a Senior Technical Specialist for Microsoft, working with enterprise-level clients to develop computing platform architecture solutions within their organizations. With more than 25 years of professional and practical experience in computer technology, he is also a popular speaker at TechEd, PASS, and many other conferences. Buck is the author of more than 500 articles and five books on databases, and he teaches a Database Design course at the University of Washington. Follow Buck on his blog.

​Scott Klein | Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist

Scott Klein is a Microsoft Data Platform Technical Evangelist who lives and breathes data. His passion for data technologies brought him to Microsoft in 2011, and this has allowed him to travel all over the globe evangelizing SQL Server and Microsoft cloud data services. Prior to Microsoft, Scott was one of the first four SQL Azure MVPs and, even though those don’t exist anymore, he still claims it. Scott has authored several books that talk about SQL Server and Azure SQL Database, and he continues to look for ways to help developers and companies grok the benefits of cloud computing. He also thinks “grok” is an awesome word.

Live Event Details
October 29, 2014
9:00am–1:00pm PDT
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: Developers, business users, and anyone else interested in predictive analytics​

A basic understanding of data models and database fundamentals