Mobile Web Application Development

​Developers and designers, are you curious about "mobile first"? Trying to figure out how to deal with touch devices? If you want your web applications to work on tablets and phones and to be as friendly as possible, join Jeremy Foster and Christopher Harrison for an entertaining journey through the process.

In this, the fifth event in our Web Wednesdays series, these experts explore mobile design considerations, libraries to help enable touch, menuing systems, QA tools, and more. Benefit from their first-hand experience, as Jeremy and Christopher show you, from start to finish, how to create an app geared toward mobile first. And have fun doing it!

Course Outline:

  • ​Designing for Mobile Devices
  • Creating a Mobile User Interface
  • Designing with Bootstrap and Other Libraries
  • Integrating Touch
  • Creating the Back End
  • Connecting to the Server
  • Making Data Available Offline
  • Publishing to Azure
  • Uploading an App
Instructor Team
Jeremy Foster | Microsoft Developer Evangelist | @codefoster

Jeremy Foster was educated in computer engineering and mathematics, and he gathered disparate industry experience in education, aerospace manufacturing, and insurance. With just enough and not nearly enough education and experience, he finally joined Microsoft with the goal of informing and inspiring other software developers to write code and write it right. Find Jeremy online at

​Christopher Harrison | Microsoft Content Developer | @geektrainer

Christopher Harrison is a self-proclaimed geek with a passion for development and educating others. He got his first introduction to technology when his father brought home a VIC-20, graduated to a Commodore 64, and kept growing from there. Christopher parlayed that into a long career as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), with a focus on .NET development, SharePoint, and SQL Server. When offered the opportunity to become a content developer at Microsoft, he just couldn't resist and he made the jump.

Live Event Details
October 22, 2014
9:00am–5:00pm PDT
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: Web developers and designers interested in creating great mobile experiences

Familiarity with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript