SharePoint Online Development for Office 365

Want to get started with Office 365 development? If you're a Developer moving from on-premises to the cloud (or even just thinking about it), and you want some practical guidance, check out these instructor-led labs!

Engaging expert Christopher Harrison and celebrated MVP Nikolas Charlebois-Laprade walk you through two hands-on labs, directly from the official Office 365 Dev Camp materials, one step at a time. Get an in-depth look at the new SharePoint app model, focus on Office 365 APIs and authentication, connect to SharePoint OneDrive for Business, and lots more. Don't miss it!

(NOTE: To get the most from this course, you need an Office 365 Developer account and you should download Visual Studio Community.)

Course Outline:

  • Getting Started with Office 365 Development
  • Introducing SharePoint Apps and Authentication
  • Building a SharePoint App
  • Introducing Office 365 APIs and Authentication
  • Using the Outlook Services Client
  • Connecting to SharePoint and OneDrive for Business
Instructor Team
Christopher Harrison | Microsoft Content Developer | @GeekTrainer

Christopher Harrison is a self-proclaimed geek with a passion for development and educating others. He got his first introduction to technology when his father brought home a VIC-20, graduated to a Commodore 64, and kept growing from there. Christopher parlayed that into a long career as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), with a focus on .NET development, SharePoint, and SQL Server. When offered the opportunity to become a Content Developer at Microsoft, he just couldn't resist and he made the jump.

Nikolas Charlebois-Laprade | Library and Archives Canada Manager of Collaboration & Corporate Systems | @NikCharlebois

Nikolas (Nik) Charlebois-Laprade is the Manager of the Collaboration & Corporate Systems at Library and Archives Canada, leading teams which are responsible for all of the department's SharePoint environments. A visionary, leader, and early adopter of anything worth a try, Nik always tries to think outside of the box.

Having specialized in SharePoint for the past eight years, he was awarded the Microsoft PowerShell MVP award in 2014 for his contribution to the IT community. Since SharePoint is an integration technology that forces experts to learn an incredible variety of different web technologies, Nik thinks of himself as a software generalist.

Live Event Details
March 24, 2015
9am–5pm PDT
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: Web Developers

Experience developing in C#; familiarity with basic SharePoint concepts