SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machines Jump Start

If you're wondering how to use Windows Azure as a hosting environment for your SQL Server virtual machines, join the experts as they walk you through it, with practical, real-world demos. SQL Server in Windows Azure VM is an easy and full-featured way to be up and running in 10 minutes with a database server in the cloud. You use it on demand and pay as you go, and you get the full functionality of your own data center. For short-term test environments, it is a popular choice. SQL Server in Azure VM also includes pre-built data warehouse images and business intelligence features. Don't miss this chance to learn more about it.

Course Outline:

  • SQL Server in Azure VM Overview
  • SQL Server in Azure VM Performance Tuning
  • Data Warehouse Workload in Azure VM
  • Business Intelligence Workload in Azure VM
Instructor Team
Darmadi Komo | Microsoft Senior Technical Product Manager
Darmadi Komo has been with Microsoft for more than 13 years, starting with Microsoft Consulting Services in Northern California, Partner Technical Readiness in Southern California, Senior Product Technology Specialist for SQL Server in Singapore, and now Senior Technical Product Manager for SQL Server in Redmond, focusing on private cloud, virtualization, management, and security.
Luis Carlos Vargas Herring | Microsoft ​Senior Program Manager
Luis Vargas is a Program Manager in SQL Server. He spends most of his time on Service Broker, a scalable, reliable, and secure messaging framework. He also enjoys helping with other areas related to distributed systems (such as replication). He has a PhD in distributed systems from Cambridge University.
Xin Jin | Microsoft ​Program Manager
Xin Jin is a program manager in SQL Server Enterprise and Tier 1 team. She has led the performance work stream of SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine. Most recently, she worked on delivering the Backup to Cloud and Managed Backup as a key hybrid feature in SQL 2014. She has also worked on backup service in the Windows Azure SQL Database, service health and resource management in the multi-tenancy environment, database consolidation and virtualization in private cloud, and scale-up and performance. Xin joined Microsoft in 2008 and, prior to that, she was working on her PhD in database security at the University of Western Ontario in Canada.
​Torsten Grabs | Microsoft Principal Program Manager
Torsten Grabs is a Principal Program Manager Lead in the Enterprise and Cloud division at Microsoft. Torsten heads the program management team responsible for Cloud Systems in the Modern Data Warehouse group, which includes responsibility for Microsoft data warehouse offerings in Azure. Torsten has more than 15 years of experience working with Microsoft SQL Server products, with 10 years on SQL Server product teams in Redmond serving in different roles in development and program management. He holds a PhD in computer science from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland.
Olivier Matrat | Microsoft Principal Program Manager
Olivier Matrat is a Principal Program Manager Lead with the AzureCAT Analytics team at Microsoft, a seasoned data professional, and member of the PASS community Board of Directors focusing on end-to-end Big Data Analytic solutions.
John Hoang | Microsoft Senior Program Manager
John Hoang is a Microsoft Senior Program Manager on the Azure Customer Advisory Team (AzureCAT). He has more than 20 years of experience working in various roles, including developer, business analyst, and project manager, implementing software solutions to manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. He currently specializes in the SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse.
Live Event Details
February 18, 2014
9:00am-12:50pm PST
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: IT Pro

Having a solid understanding of SQL is recommended