Web API Design Jump Start

Have questions about ASP.NET Web API? Whether you're brand new to the ​framework or you want to take your design to the next level, this course has the answers! Experts Christopher Harrison and Jeremy Likness walk you through Web API technology, uses, and nuances. See how the toolset makes it easy to build consumable RESTful services, accessible by a variety of clients from myriad platforms.

Get a good look at token-based security features, route attributes, error handling, and versioning. See why it is the ideal way to surface APIs that target browsers and mobile devices. Hear details on how you can easily use the built-in Visual Studio templates or explore customization, design, and implementation. Don't miss this informative and practical Web Wednesdays event!

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Basic Design
  • Configuration
  • Validation and Error Handling
  • Security
  • Advanced Design
Instructor Team
Christopher Harrison | Microsoft Content Developer | @GeekTrainer

Christopher Harrison is a self-proclaimed geek with a passion for development and educating others. He got his first introduction to technology when his father brought home a VIC-20, graduated to a Commodore 64, and kept growing from there. Christopher parlayed that into a long career as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), with a focus on .NET development, SharePoint, and SQL Server. When offered the opportunity to become a Content Developer at Microsoft, he just couldn't resist and he made the jump.

Jeremy Likness | iVision Principal Architect | @jeremylikness
Jeremy Likness is a Principal Architect within the custom application development practice at iVision. During his 20 years of experience working on enterprise applications (with 15 of those years focused on web-based apps), he has helped several initially small companies grow and has actively participated in their transition from good to great. Jeremy is five-year Microsoft MVP for Windows Platform Development, has authored and co-authored four technology books, and regularly speaks at events around the country. Once upon a time, he even dreamt of becoming a game developer and wrote/co-wrote several customizations and one total conversion for Quake. Jeremy's mission is to empower developers to create success in their careers through learning and growth.
Live Event Details
February 4, 2015
9am–5pm PST
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: Web Developers for enterprise or consumer-based apps

Experience with ASP.NET, C#, and JavaScript; familiarity with web services