What’s New in Visual Studio 2013
Developers, are you trying to figure out what Visual Studio 2013 has to offer you? Whether you develop for the web, Windows, or Windows Phone, and whether you are using C#, XAML, HTML, or Visual Basic, this course is for you. It focuses on some of the key new features, addressed individually in sessions throughout the day, so that you can tune in to the specific tools that will help you develop more quickly and easily. Start by learning about the IDE (integrated development environment) and then attend sessions including improved IntelliSense, easier debugging, and better tools for ALM (application lifecycle management).

Course Outline:

  • Visual Studio Tips and Tricks, Debugging
  • Web and Cloud, App Development
  • Application Lifecycle Management, Testing
  • Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Store
Instructor Team
Christopher Harrison | Microsoft Certified Trainer | @geektrainer
Christopher Harrison is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, focusing on SharePoint and SQL Server. He's the owner and Head Geek at GeekTrainer, Inc. He's been training for the last 12+ years, with a couple of breaks in the middle to take on full-time developer jobs. These days he focuses mostly on training, presenting at conferences, and consulting.
Susan Ibach | Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist | @hockeygeekgirl
Susan Ibach is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Canada, which means that she loves to talk about the latest developer trends at Microsoft, including Windows Phone, Windows 8, Visual Studio, HTML5, and the cloud. Susan also has the privilege of working with students and professors across Canada, supporting such programs as DreamSpark and Imagine Cup, Microsoft's worldwide technology competition for students. Although she started out as an Electrical Engineer, she soon discovered that her passion for software was stronger than her passion for hardware. Her love of code has led to a variety of roles in software development over the years, including development, testing, releasing, and teaching.
Live Event Details
December 12, 2013
10:30am–4:30pm PST
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: Developers
Prerequisites: A basic understanding of Visual Studio 2013 is recommended.