Windows 8.1 Developer Training: Geek Edition
HTML and XAML developers, are you ready to start having fun with Windows 8.1? Join Microsoft developer experts for a dive deep into the gadget and devices side of Windows 8.1, including USB, Bluetooth, point of sale, and even 3D printing. You’ll find out about some awesome new features in both HTML and XAML and look at some early versions of great toolkits. Build on your core skills and take advantage of everything Windows 8.1 has to offer.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Windows 8.1 Developer Platform
  • What’s New in XAML and HTML Apps
  • Bluetooth, USB, and 3D Printing
  • Speech, Camera, and Mic
  • Web App Template
  • Embedded Scenarios
  • XAML and HTML Performance
Instructor Team
Pete Brown | Microsoft Program Manager/Evangelist | @pete_brown
Pete Brown is a Program Manager/Evangelist at Microsoft focusing on client app development, devices, and creative scenarios with XAML, .NET, and more. You’re just as likely to find Pete with a soldering iron in his hand as you are with code on the screen. Also, Pete adores his C64.
Jeff Burtoft | Microsoft HTML5 Evangelist | @boyofgreen

Jeff Burtoft is an HTML5 Evangelist for Microsoft and an avid supporter of the JavaScript/HTML5 community. Being in the web development community for over 10 years, his job title has morphed from the likes of "Web Master" to “Front End Engineer” and everything in between.


Jeff is a huge proponent of web standards and loves all programing languages, as long as they are JavaScript. Additionally, Jeff is co-author of HTML5 Hacks (O’Reilly Media) and is a founding blogger of

Live Event Details
January 21, 2014
9:00am-5:00pm PST
What: Fast-paced live virtual session
Cost: Free
Audience: Developers
Prerequisites: Windows 8.1 developers working in HTML or XAML who wish to learn about some of the more unusual, fun, and interesting scenarios for 8.1.